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Staging Your Home – Tips To Speed Up A Sale

January 16, 2019Posted at 8:09 pm in

Staging your Home

The purpose of staging your home is two things: Improve the sale price and to reduce the time it is on the market.   Usually staged homes are the first to sell, people looking to buy a home will find a staged home more appealing.  Always remember that buyers only look for houses that are well maintained both from outside and interior. Here are a few steps you can take to get a quick sale and to make more money.

Don’t of it as yours anymore.

If you have decided to sell your home the first thing you should do is to stop thinking of it as yours.  Any emotional attachment can get in the way of properly staging it for a quick sale.

Remove clutter.

A clean home is much more appealing than a cluttered one.  While you may see it as homey, our tastes are entirely individual.  A clean and open home allows the potential buyers to envision what it will look like with their possessions.  Put away knick-knacks and set up your furniture to allow a clear flow to other rooms.

Painting the house.

If your home has rooms with very bold colors or rooms that need repainting, take the time to repaint in neutral tones.  The look of your old home with a fresh new color that attracts the buyers.

Clean up.

Think of what walking through a brand new home looks like.  It will take time but clean everything in your home from the carpets to the walls and even the ceilings.

Stop and smell the rooms.

A smelly home will not have any prospective buyers thinking good thoughts.  Make sure that you do your best to remove stale odors, sour smells, and the wonderful aroma that pets can leave.  Open your windows, put some flowers out and fresh baking does wonders to the overall smell of a home.

Make minor repairs.

If you notice any small things that can be repaired easily then now is the time to get them fixed.  Replace any dead light bulbs, remove or replace any worn area rugs and fix any holes in walls.  The last thing a new owner will want to do is small repairs.  These small fixes will help, believe it or not.

What is this room for.

Every room has to have a use or purpose.  If any prospective buyer does not see a use in a room then they already have a reason to pass on your home.  Find a way to showcase each room so that even if it may not be what they use it for, they see that it can be used effectively.

Shine the outside.

First impressions count.  If your front yard looks like it belongs on a horror movie then you will have trouble moving it.  Get rid of weeds, cut your lawn and make sure your plants or bushes are not dead.  Taking the time to powerwash your driveway and walkways, ensure your outside light if working and do a good clean on your entryway or deck will go a long way.



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