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Strangest Things Ever Insured?

When most of us thing about insurance, our minds normally go to Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance and maybe even Life Insurance.  But in the history of insurance some pretty strange things and strange types of insurance have been seen.  What are some of the Strangest Things Ever Insured?

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1 – Loch Ness Monster

In 1971 a reward in finding the Loch Ness Monster alive was been offered by the Scottish Whisky maker, Cutty Stark.  The prize of 1 Million pounds was insured if anyone was able to find Nessie.  There was a stipulation added to the reward, Nessie had to be less than 40 feet long, as of yet no one has yet found the Loch Ness Monster.

2- Tongue

Also in the 1970’s, Gene Simmons from the band KISS, insured his tongue for $1 million.  Simmons, who was known for his extra long tongue and how he flicked it in and out during the band’s performance, was seeking to protect what at the time was one of the main things he personally was known for.

3- Who’s On First

Abbott and Costello were huge in the 1940’s.  Their iconic “Who’s on First?” was a big hit and is still referenced in pop culture today.  The duo took out an insurance policy valued at $250,000 in case their partnership ended.  Though the duo did eventually break up it was after the policy had ended.

4- Chest Hair

In today it is common place for men, at least celebrities, to have shaven chests.  But in the 70’s this was not the case.  Tom Jones, an extremely popular singer, especially with the ladies, insured his chest hair for a tidy $5 million.  Who wrote that policy?

5- Satellites

Lloyd’s of London has the honor of being the first company to insure a satellite.  In 1970 they insured the Intelstat 1 satellite for a cool $100 million.  They were not joking with this type of investment either, in 1984 Lloyd’s financed a space shuttle and crew to salvage two satellites that had ventured off of their regular orbit.  Seems funding a space shuttle was cheaper than paying out for a pair of satellites.

6- Santa’s Beard

In 1992, Brady White who was known as the “Santa to the Stars” took out a policy on his beard.  Though not known how much the policy was worth, he is known to have said that the policy was”not terribly expensive”.  So it seems you can insure Christmas after all.

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