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Top Stolen Vehicles In BC

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You have just bought yourself a new vehicle and are pleased with your purchase, but how long will you have it?  The RCMP have released the top stolen vehicles in BC.  Is your vehicle on the list?

Trucks are rising in popularity to thieves and a pickup is now the number 1 stolen vehicle in BC.  While auto thefts were down almost 5% in 2016 there are still 32 auto thefts per day in our province.

Even with a decrease in thefts, the RCMP urges us to take preventative measures to make our vehicles less appealing for thieves.  They recommend the use of anti-theft devices, not leaving valuables in your car, storing items out of sight and to not leave a running vehicle unattended.  There is a full list of tips online at baitcar.com.

You should also be aware that older vehicles are becoming more popular to thieves due to them being less likely to have an electronic engine immobilizer.

See below for the list of top stolen vehicles for your area:


  1. Honda Civic and CRX
  2. Ford F Series Trucks
  3. Dodge Trucks
  4. Ford E Series Vans
  5. GMC / Chevy Trucks
  6. Acura Integra
  7. Honda CRV
  8. Toyota Corolla
  9. Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee
  10. Dodge Caravan

Outside Lower Mainland

  1. Ford F Series Trucks
  2. Dodge Trucks
  3. GMC / Chevy Trucks
  4. Honda Civic and CRX
  5. Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee
  6. Honda Accord
  7. Dodge Caravan
  8. Ford Explorer
  9. Toyota Tacoma Trucks
  10. Toyota Corolla

All British Columbia

  1. Ford F Series Trucks
  2. Honda Civic and CRX
  3. Dodge Trucks
  4. GMC / Chevy Trucks
  5. Ford E Series Vans
  6. Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee
  7. Acura Integra
  8. Toyota Corolla
  9. Honda CRV
  10. Dodge Caravan

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