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Traveling During Covid-19 – Your Insurance Options!

December 24, 2020Posted at 4:49 pm in

Current restrictions on travel do make it difficult to get away from home, but not impossible.

People will consider their own risks to travel to their destination to be with a family, business, or simple getaway vacation.  Air Travel has returned with restrictions and considerations, and the government is urging people not to travel away from their safe home bubble. Not all destination hotels or resorts may be open, due to a large reduction in tourism around the world.  Due to the economy, many hotels have closed, been converted to residential, or have reduced capacity.  Tourist attractions may be closed due to COVID-19, and many local tour operators may be closed from government orders.

Most countries will test you on arrival and have you quarantine for a certain time period, and often this must be pre-arranged before you land.  Countries will be strict regarding your movements, for example, Singapore issues a tracking bracelet for your quarantine stays.

However, if you are going, then keep in mind some travel insurance requirements.  Most travel insurance, including company benefits plans, are no longer sufficient.  It is increasingly common for destinations to say that you must have insurance coverage to cover costs related to treatment, quarantine, and return home if you come into contract with COVID-19.  Regular travel insurance plans will NOT cover these costs. You are advised to check the local COVID-19 conditions and rules for both residents and travellers. Keep in mind, with limited flights, you may have stopovers at airports that have restrictive rules that must be factored into your plans.

Here is a great site for the Government of Canada Travel Advisories:

For Vaccination advice for travelling Canadians: Vaccines

At AMC we have you covered.  Through a special supplemental plan with TuGo, these requirements for extra coverage are met. The COVID-19 Insurance plan provides for $500,000 CAD for emergency medical and quarantine related expenses incurred as a result of testing positive and being diagnosed with COVID-19 while travelling outside of Canada. There is a $250 USD deductible on the plan.

This is available for Canadians not travelling against a physician’s advice, with no diagnosed terminal condition, and no recent diagnosis or symptoms of COVID-19. Plans must match a base TuGo policy, and purchase for the same dates of the full trip, prior to leaving Canada. If you are covered by TuGo’s popular annual travel plans, this policy can cover the whole single trip.

You can try to keep yourself safe, but in the event of something unexpected happening, you need the right Travel Insurance Program to keep you from a financial catastrophe. Let AMC Insurance guide you to the best combination of coverage for your trip.  Keep safe.


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