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Ways To Save Money On Groceries

Smart Ways to Save Money on Groceries: Tips for Cutting Costs in the Kitchen

We have all noticed the prices are increasing on groceries.   Almost each visit to the store you may notice a price has gone up.  With the cost of living being so high already here are some ways to save money on groceries.

Save Money On Groceries 1

See what’s on sale

Look at grocery store flyers, newspaper ads and online to see what items are on sale.

Make a list

Your grocery list should include the ingredients that you need to make healthy meals and snacks.

Meal Plan

Make a meal plan for the week, this will help you with making your list and help you not make impulsive purchases.

Get to know the food prices

Write down the regular prices of foods you buy often. This will help you figure out which stores have the best prices and if you are getting a good deal on sale items

Stock up on sales

You can save ten percent, twenty percent or more by stocking up on grocery items that are on sale.

Make Meals from Scratch

Making your own meals from scratch is one of the biggest ways that you can save money.

Cut your own fruit

Pre-cut fruit is handy, but they also charge for that service.

Go Generic

Name brands products are more expensive and often have a generic alternative that is less expensive.

Show without the kids

This will save money on the inevitable request for a high sugar, low healthy item that the kids will inevitably ask for.

Do not shop hungry

Enough studies have been done on this.  Your appetite will then dictate your shopping list and not your planning.

Do not buy water

Bottled water is expensive.  Check how your city water compares with bottled water, you may be surprised.

Shop with cash

By shopping with cash you are saving the percentage of interest that your credit card.  Not a small savings if you do not pay your balance off each month.

Look at expiry dates

Choose foods with an expiry date that will give you enough time to use it and prevent waste.

Use coupons

Coupons will help you save money, just make sure you do not buy something just because you have a coupon.

Avoid Kitchen Gadgets

You will pay a premium on non food items,  go to a department store for these type of items.

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