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What You Need To Know About Travel Insurance

Essential Insights: Unraveling Travel Insurance

What you need to know about travel insurance is that you may not know much about it.  Let’s be honest, going on vacation is something we all look forward to.  Sometimes there are things that can ruin a vacations while you are on them and there are even times where events prevent you from taking you vacation in the first place.    This is why you need to book your travel insurance as soon as possible after you book your vacation.  Once you book your trip, make sure you purchase travel insurance to protect yourself for unforeseen events that could prevent you from taking that long awaited vacation or interrupt it while you are away.

What You need to know about trip or travel insurance

Here so things that you need to know about travel insurance:

1. When should I purchase my travel medical insurance?

The simple rule is that your Travel insurance must be purchased before you leave your state, province or country.  You can purchase it right up to the day you leave but depending on your medical condition and other factors you maybe required to fill out a medical questionnaire and may be required to have it signed by your doctor.  This is more likely once you hit the magical age of 60.

2. What if I decide to stay longer?

You can extend your travel insurance coverage before your policy expires by contacting your agent or the insurance company as long as the following conditions still apply;

  • Your coverage has not expired
  • You have not submitted a claim and have no intent to submit a claim
  • You have not seen a while on your trip
  • You are in good health and do not know of any reason to seek medical attention

If these conditions apply, the insurance company may still authorize an extension but it would be best to ask this question at the time of purchasing your travel insurance.

3. Does the coverage I have through my Company Benefit Plan and/or my credit card be sufficient?

The easy answer is to check this thoroughly before leaving.  Some company plans and credit cards will provide medical coverage but there could be limitations on the coverage. Once you have investigated this you may still need to top up that coverage to ensure you are fully covered.

4. What if my trip is cancelled or interrupted?

Trip Interruption and Trip Cancelation are not the same as basic Emergency Medical Insurance but can be purchased separately  You can purchase them individually or as a combined policy.

  • Trip Cancelation –  means an event occurring prior to your departure date, causing you to cancel your trip
  • Trip Interruption – means an event occurring on or after your departure date causing you to interrupt or disrupt your trip as originally scheduled or to return earlier or later than your return date.  Please note:  this coverage must be purchased prior to leaving for your trip

Make sure you ask this question to your agent at the time of purchase.

5. What about my luggage?

Like trip cancellation, lost or stolen luggage is not covered in basic Emergency Medical Insurance but can be added as an additional coverage.

6. What if I need to make a claim?

At the time of purchase you should be provided with contact information to carry with you in the event of a claim. If it is a medical claim you or an appointed person should contact the  number and notify them as soon as possible.  The insurance provider will assist you with information and where to go if you need help.   A good suggestion is to leave photocopies of all of your documents and personal information with someone you trust, in the case that you are incapable of makeing c and are not capable of notifying the insurance company yourself, someone would be able to contact them on your behalf to help you in the process.

  • Always keep original receipts to submit in the event of a claim
  • All required documentation must be received within one year from the date of the loss/claim – refer to policy wordings

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