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A Tree Fell In My Yard – What Next?

October 30, 2017Posted at 3:41 pm in

A tree fell in my yard, now what?  Trees are not only beautiful but also provide many functions.  They provide oxygen, homes for squirrels and birds, are perfect for swings and shade for those hot summer days.  However they can be a pain sometimes as well.  Raking leaves is no ones favorite thing to do and what happens if it falls down.  With the wind in BC it is a real risk.


A tree fell in my yard 1

A Neighbour’s Tree Falls

If due to weather a tree from your neighbour falls in your yard and damages your property, whether it be yard or home, your home insurance will provide coverage for any damage up to the policy’s limit.  Above and beyond the limit a discussion will then have to happen with your neighbour.

No Damage Done, But Who Removes It

In the same scenario if the tree does not damage anything the question is who will pay to remove it.  The responsibility for this still falls on you unless your neighbour offers.  At the very least a conversation should occur.

A Cut Tree Damages My Yard – Does He Pay?

If your neighbour cuts a tree and it falls in your hard and causes damages you would think that he would be responsible for the damages.  Not so, you would still have to have your insurance involved.  Your insurance company will then deal with his or her insurance company but in the end it will still be a claim on your insurance.

A Tree Falls On Your Car

Once again this will be your insurance that kicks in.  As far as we are aware trees do not have their own insurance.

If you have any questions about trees and the damage they can cause, call us at AMC Insurance and we will be happy to help.

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