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How to Winterize Your Home

Winterize Like a Pro: Top Tips for Your Home


You can feel the chill in the air, see the leaves on the ground and we have had the first snow of the season, it is a sure sign that Winter is coming! With winter comes the increased cost of keeping your home warm.  You can help keep costs down by following these tips on how to winterize your home.

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Clean Out Your Gutters

Having blockage in your rain gutters can cause water and snow to accumulate and freeze, causing ice dams that can create unwanted water flow into the base structure of your house and even into your home itself through cracks in the roof and other structures.

Also make sure your gutter spouts drain and carry any rain, snow or sleet away from the foundation of your home.

Water damage can be very expensive to repair so this tip can save you a great deal of money.

Prevent Freezes

If our winter is anything like last year then freezing will be a big problem.  If your home has any exposed outdoor plumbing, wrapping the pipes in insulation will go a long way in preventing any freezing from occurring.  Make sure you know where the main water switch is in case of an emergency.

Furnace Maintenance

Have your furnace inspected and cleaned on an annual basis as is. Doing so makes sure your furnace is in tip-top shape for many winters to come.

If your furnace is outdated, upgrading to a new one may be ideal to save money. They say that old furnace can use up to 50 percent more energy than new ones and don’t warm your house as efficiently as well.

Put your furnace through its paces before the cold comes by turning it on. There will be a strange, short-lasting smell. Simply aerate the area to remove the smell. If the odor persists, turn it off and call a furnace professional to come and look at it.

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate

Inspect your home’s interior and exterior for any cracks or leaks. Seal them with the appropriate method.

Consider covering your windows with plastic insulation. Insulator kits are found at home department stores such as RONA and the Home Depot and are a very affordable means to keep the heat from escaping through your windows.

Empty out water lines

Winterize your air conditioning and water lines by draining hoses and pipes and turning off any outdoor water spouts. If you have a window air conditioning unit, remove it and store for winter to avoid letting in any cold drafts

Reverse the ceiling fan

If your home has a ceiling fan, reverse to the clockwise position to make sure the air is blowing up in the winter. This pushes the warm air off the ceiling and onto the cold walls.

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