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Favorite Travel Destinations of Canadians

Top Picks: Canada’s Must-Visit Travel Spots


When you look out the windows and see rain, rain and more rain do you dream about a vacation?  Winter vacations are a nice break from the dreary winter season and a great chance to recharge your batteries.  What are the favorite travel destinations of Canadians.  You may be surprised to know that five countries account for more than 25 million trips internationally from Canadians.


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United States

With vacation hot spots such as Las Vegas, Miami, Hawaii, New York, and California there is a diverse selection for Canadians looking to travel to the United States.  You can choose from a warm sunny destination or a more themed destination full of events like New York.  The United States had over 20 million trips from Canadians in 2015.  It is the number 1 visited country by Canadians by a very large margin.

While the dollar exchange rate is not something most of us will be pleased with, the fact that it is relatively close does make travel easier.  With recent developments from the Trump administration tourism is down 16% so far in 2017, but that means you may be able to find some deals on vacations.


With just under 2 million visits in 2015, Mexico is still a very popular destination of Canadians.  Vacation hot spots like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucus, Cozumel, and Acapulco the options are not small for either a family or just a couple to choose from.

Mexico hosts some of the finest resorts in the world and is full of tourist attractions.  You will be able to visit historic sites, go zip lining, swim with dolphins, scuba dive and much much more.  But if sitting by a pool soaking up the sun while having a nice drink is your desire, you will find plenty of places to choose from.

United Kingdom

Whether you’re travelling solo, with friends, in a couple or with a boisterous brood, you’ll find bucket loads to keep you entertained in the UK.  Choosing from London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Glasgow are just the tip of the many choices you will have.

With over a million visits by Canadians each year, the United Kingdom has plenty going for it to make it your choice.  The ease of getting around, the historical sites, the ability to visit other countries on side trips and of course a good glass of Guiness are just some of the reasons for its popularity.


Also with over 1 million Canadian visits, France is both a romantic’s and foodie’s dream.  Paris is known and the most romantic city in the world and is also no slouch when it comes to cuisine as well.

From visiting the Eiffel Tower to exploring historical sites like the Versailles Palace, Notre Dame or a visit to the Louvre, you are sure to have the time of your life.  Expect to come home with some extra pounds, but that is what your gym membership is for, right?


In 2015 800,000 Canadians discovered the beauty and culture of Cuba.  Cuba is home to amazing beaches, exciting caves and history rich cities like Havana.  Have we mentioned the world famous Cuban Cigars?

With the United States now visiting Cuba more than any time since the 1960’s make sure you take advantage and of the expanding tourism opportunities in Cuba.


When Travelling

No matter what your destination is this winter make sure you protect yourself and your vacation and speak to one of our agents at AMC Insurance about your Travel Insurance.

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