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Black Friday, A Survival Guide

November 21, 2017Posted at 12:42 pm in

Gone are the days when Boxing Day was the biggest shopping day of the year.  In recent years the emergence of Black Friday has over taken it by storm as shoppers look to save money on gifts and items for themselves.

The crowds associated with Black Friday are in some stores too much for staff to handle and there have been occurrences of violence and even deaths.  This has even spawned a website dedicated to the deaths that occur on Black Friday.  In order to help you with the chaos that is sure to accompany this shopping date in 2017, here are some tips to help you through it.

Black Friday Survival Guide 1



Go Early

If you are one of the brave who venture out, arrive early.  Yes, at certain stores some people will line up hours before they open but you will still beat the shoppers that have chosen to hit your first choice later in the day.  By being early you also have a better chance of getting items that the stores only have a limited amount of.  Remember that even if you are early you may see a scene like this from just a few years ago.


Take some time to research the advertised sales so that you know where to go.  If you know what you are looking for then just like anything in life, a clear aim makes anything less stressful.

Most retail brands all have websites and social networking sites as well as email marketing.  Follow your favorite stores and you will know what is on sale and give you time to research if it is a good deal.  Also visit TheBlackFriday.com website which has a great list of all the stores and links to their sales.

Protect Yourself

Black Friday is not only attractive to shoppers but thieves as well.  Take steps to protect yourself, your money and your purchases.

Purses and handbags are tempting targets, use a cross-body bag for your cash and credit cards as they are much harder to grab and run.  If possible try to use your own bags so that thieves do not know what is in your bag, they will normally go for bags that identify a high end brand name.

DO NOT CHECK IN to stores on social media.  Innovative thieves can take this knowledge and hit you where you are not, at home.  The last thing you will want after a stressful shopping day is to come home to a break in.

Dress & Plan Appropriately

There is a great chance you will be either on your feet for a large amount of time so comfortable shoes are a requirement to survive without blisters.  While in the extremely long lines you would also be advised to have a bottle of water and maybe an energy bar for when you body requires it.

Shop Online

What’s better than shopping in your pajamas?  Take advantage of the ability to shop online and save yourself stress and sore feet.



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