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Christmas Safety Tips

Remain safe by knowing how to deal with the safety or security perils of holiday decorations you bring into your home. Limit your dangers by following the Christmas safety tips on this page.

Christmas Safety Tips 1 amc insurance bc

Christmas Trees

  1. When purchasing a genuine tree, water the tree daily once you bring it inside.
  2. Place the tree far from high movement regions and entryways. Ensure the tree is very much secured in a strong stand.
  3. Place the tree far from warming vents, radiators, stoves, chimneys and lit candles.
  4. Keep metal, sharp or brittle tree adornments with little removable parts far from children.
  5. Discard the tree when the holidays are over, or when the needles begin to fall. Discard it as indicated by neighborhood directions – most regions have tree recycling programs.


Lights and Decorations

  1. Utilize lights that have the stamp of an authorize confirmation organization, for example, CSA, ULC or cETL. Check for recalls before purchasing or utilizing lights to get some answers concerning the most recent reviews.
  2. Pick the correct light for the activity: light strings are appraised for indoor or outdoor usage. Guarantee that indoor lights and adornments are just utilized inside. Read the bundle directions and don’t surpass the suggested wattage.
  3. Check every single light before you put them up. Broken or wore out lights should be replaced.
  4. Check the light strings and additional lines you utilize, disposing of any that are frayed or have uncovered wires. Never run electrical lines through entryways or under floor coverings.
  5. Never run electrical chords through or crosswise over entryways where they might be squeezed or trip somebody, or under rugs where they can be damaged or overheat.
  6. Do not put too many plugs into an electrical outlet. Over-burden circuits can overheat and begin a fire.
  7. Turn off all occasion lights before you go to bed or leave your home.
  8. Keep ‘bubble lights’ far from kids – they contain an unsafe compound that may cause health concerns.
  9. Pick tinsel, manufactured icicles and different trimmings made of plastic or non-leaded metals. Try not to give youngsters a chance to place designs in their mouths, as some might be hurtful to their well being.


Toys and gifts

New toys and gifts are holiday highlights for many children. Minimize potential hazards from new gifts by buying sturdy, well-made toys that are appropriate for your child’s age. Toys for older children may contain small parts or other hazards that may make them unsafe for young children.

Toys can be recalled for health or safety reasons. Check the Healthy Canadians Recalls and Safety Alerts Database for more information about the latest recalls.

  1. Read and follow the age labels, warnings, safety messages and other instructions that come with a toy. Check for contact information of the manufacturer or importer if you have any concerns.
  2. Dispose immediately all toy packaging like plastic bags, plastic wrap, foam, staples, ties and protective film. A child can suffocate or choke on these items.
  3. Ensure batteries are not accessible to children and are properly installed by an adult.
  4. Supervise children at play and teach them to use their new toys safely.

We hope that these Christmas Safety Tips have been helpful for the upcoming holidays.

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