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Are You Insured For A Landslide

January 18, 2019Posted at 9:39 pm in

Are You Insured For A LandslideLandslides Insurance in Canada

Landslide is a disaster in which debris, rocks, or earth moves on a slope causing much damage to life and property. Landslides can occur due to various reasons like earthquakes, heavy rainfall, clear-cutting, and mining. Here earthquake and rainfall are natural disasters while clear cutting and mining are done by humans, which can result in a landslide. Some of these can be covered in insurance while some of them cannot. In this article, we will discuss if you are insured for a landslide.

Events that are covered by insurance in Canada

The events that are covered by home insurance include the following

  • fire including wildfires
  • wind-related weather including storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes
  • ice and hail
  • theft
  • vandalism
  • water damage from inside your home

Disasters that are not covered

The events that are covered in insurance include the following

Though these are not covered people can get an optional add-on coverage for the risk that is not included in the policy.

Types of home insurance policies

There are many types of home insurance policies that a person can take as per his requirement. These policies are as follows.


This type of policy has all the coverage, which includes all risks related to the home and its content. It does not include those things that are excluded from the policy. Here is an example that if the exclusions are earthquake as well as fire, then the damages done by these disasters will not be covered.


In comparison to a comprehensive policy, a standard policy has less coverage. This policy is also known as special or all-perils policy in which a home is insured along with named contents. Here is an example that if the named content is flooding, then the policy covers all the damage done by the flood but will not include damage done by fire.


The broad policy includes the coverage between comprehensive and standard policy. This policy is also known as a broad form policy. The broad policy does not include those risks, which are excluded, and it covers the named risks for the content in the home.

No frills

This policy has the least coverage. The policy includes very basic coverage.


Premium includes the amount that is to be paid for getting insurance. There are many factors on the basis of which premium is to be paid. These factors are given below.

  • Residence and its type in which the insurer lives. This includes single-family home, rental property, condo, etc.
  • Characteristics of the home which includes the materials used to construct the house, location, size, and age of the house.
  • Contents in the house and their value
  • Value of the house
  • Claim history
  • Amount deductible

The amount deductible includes the amount which an insurer agrees to be deducted before the insurance company pays the rest of the amount



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