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How To Make A Home Inventory

January 21, 2019Posted at 9:56 pm in

Home InventoryWhat is home inventory?

A home inventory is a complete breakdown of your home contents.  Home inventory is a documentation of every item in your home.

Why is it important to create a home inventory?

A home inventory cataloging all your belongings and their worth can be a good idea to protect the value of your belongings. It will help you provide a detailed list to your policy insurance provider of anything you may have lost if your home is damaged or destroyed in a covered claim.  A home inventory can help you make sure you have the right insurance protection and it will make easier to file the claim in case of fire, theft, or other disasters, but it will prove useful if it is accurate.  It is also advised to make a copy of your inventory document and store it safely. A home inventory will help in calculating the financial value of the contents within your home.

What is home inventory insurance?

Inventory insurance can help you replace the items in your home that you own, your personal belongings include your clothing, electronics, jewellery and essentially anything that is moveable. Remember everything you brought into your home should be considered contents.   This insurance policy will help you if you have a theft, fire or another type of loss.

Useful tips to prepare home inventory for insurance purpose

Always keep the bills, receipts, warranty papers of your purchase as a proof of ownership.

Store your records and receipts in a safe place.

Keep detailed records.

Break down the list by room.

If possible include the date of purchase in your records.

Don’t forget about the small stuff.

Don’t forget the items stored in the garage or backyard.

Review your home inventory every year.

Record your new purchase as it will increase the value of your belongings.

You can take photographs and videos of your valuable belongings.

Store your important documents in a safe place or locker.

An updated home inventory list will help you when filing a home insurance claim. It will help you to fill inventory form for insurance and speed up the claim process.

How to get insurance

There are three ways to typically get insurance for your contents.

  1. Home insurance
  2. Condo or coop insurance
  3. Renters insurance

All three of the above types of insurance policies provide some coverage for personal belongings, additional living expenses and liability.  Always check with your policy insurance provider to clarify the doubts and to get a clear picture of coverage details.

Be sure and ask your insurance provider

Are contents covered when moving?

Are contents covered when not at home?

What does this insurance policy cover and to what extent?

Does this insurance cover valuables, (you will need to have a list ready)?

How much are the deductibles in this insurance cover?

What you need to claim in case of loss

If your property or the contents are damaged, call your representative soon after a loss. Have on hand references like your policy, your receipts and bills, photos.

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