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Hot Water Heater Types

Explore the World of Hot Water Heaters!


A hot water heater is the equipment used to heat water for making tea, coffee, and other hot beverages.  There are different methods to heat your water for your home.  Here are hot water heater types that are currently available.

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Electric Water Heater

The main property of this water heater is that that the quantity of water is retained in the insulated cylinder. Some of them take time to heat water while others can deliver it immediately. There are some water heaters that can serve many outlets simultaneously. After the cylinder becomes empty, the water is filled in it and heated quickly to serve the user again. There are many electric water heaters that are available at low price and serve the customer for long time.

Gas Water Heater

There are two types of gas water heaters namely continuous flow gas water heater and gas storage water heater. Continuous gas flow water heaters heat water continuously. The main feature of these water heaters is that it never becomes empty. Due to this feature, large number of people can use the water. Gas storage water heaters heat a certain amount of water at a time and are then emptied to fill with fresh water to heat it again.  If you are getting a new hot water heater, check out to see if it is available for a rebate.

How does an electric water heater works?

An electric hot water heater comes with a 220-volt circuit In order to heat the water, the electrical resistance heating elements, which are three in number. These elements use the current that is passed though them. Each element passes through a thermostat. The thermostat checks the temperature of water. If the temperature is high, it breaks the circuit and current stops flowing. If the temperature of the water falls, the circuit is again closed and water starts heating again. When the tap of the water heater is opened, cold water enters the tank and drops the temperature due to which the thermostat closes the circuit to heat the water again.

As far as the gas hot water heaters are concerned, they have gas burners, which are full of gas.  The burners are connected through a control valve and a thermostat. Another one is the oil water heater, which are similar to oil furnace. In gas and oil water heater, the burner are flamed which heat the tank and this heats the water. The main disadvantage is that the gas water heaters have low life expectancy than electric water heaters.

Heat effectiveness

Both types of water weather electoral or gas can heat and store water. It depends on the user how much water he has to heat. A user has to buy a heater based on its usage and the number of persons. The heaters having high storing capacity have low recovery rate and it takes a long time to heat the water. The feature of high storage capacity usually comes with electric water heaters. Gas water heaters have low storage capacity but they can heat the water with great speed.

Tankless Heaters

These heaters provide hot water when needed.  These water heaters can heat water with the use of any storage tank. The hot water tap has to be put on and the cold water travels through a pipe and is heated either by a gas flame or by an electric element.

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