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How Long Can A Canadian Stay In The US?

December 28, 2018Posted at 12:26 am in

Who doesn’t love the warm weather of the spring and summer? Living in Canada we get great weather during these seasons but for some it just is not long enough. Many Canadians seek to extend summer by going down south the warmer areas of the US. But just how long can a Canadian stay in the US?

How long can a candian stay in the us

Allowed Length Of Stay

The US only allows Canadians to stay for 182 days per calendar year. The clock starts ticking the day you leave your province, not Canada. How you calculate those 182 days is where it gets confusing. This calculation is called the Substantial Presence Test and factors in how many days you have spent in the U.S. during the past 3 years. If you exceed 180 days in the U.S. over 3 years, you need to file IRS Form 8840 to prove a closer connection to Canada and avoid paying US taxes.

One thing to remember is that Canada and the US border protection now share information so that they know exactly when you enter and exit each country.  

Tax Implications

If you do stay beyond the 182 days you may have to file US tax forms and submit to the IRS. Speak to you tax professional for specifics that relate to your situation to better understand this. Make sure that you understand this so you know how long a Canadian can stay in the US.

Canadian Health Insurance Concerns

Most Canadians do not know but to be eligible for your provincial health care insurance there is a minimum amount of time you need to live in your province of residence for. If you do not meet these provincial requirements you can lose your health care.

The maximum time allow out of province is

British Columbia7 Months
7 Months
Ontario7 Months
Saskatchewan7 Months
Northwest Territories6 Months
6 Months
Prince Edward Island6 Months
Nova Scotia7 Months
Newfoundland8 Months
New Brunswick7 Months
Manitoba7 Months
Quebec6 Months


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