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Things To Never Leave In Your Car

There are things that we should never leave in our car. Let’s face it, we all leave things in our car, most of the time because we don’ have the time or that we do not think that it matters.  Items left in your car could be tempting to thieves, if visible, or could be damaged by the extreme heat or cold that your car can experience and finally, some items could be come a safety issue if left in you car.

Things to never leave in car

Plastic Water Bottles

If you leave a plastic water bottle in your car when it is hot out, there is a chance that BPA can leak into the water.  Studies have linked BPA to such health issues as cancer and heart disease.  

On a hot day your car can reach temperatures that could heat up the bottle and cause the leak into the water.  

Purse or Handbag

Leaving your purse or even your gym bag where it is visible is just inviting someone to break in to your car.

Forget the money that may be stolen, the time and cost to replace your credit cards and drivers license is not insignificant.  Top that off with the amount of information that a thief could get and either use or sell to someone that could use it for identity theft, the cost of this little mistake could be huge.


Sunglasses are something most people leave a pair in the car, but they can be quickly rendered useless by the heat on a hot summer day.  With some quality pair of shades going into the hundreds of dollars it is not a small cost to replace them.

If you wear prescription glasses the cost can be many times higher and could take much longer to get them replaced if you have a prescription that cannot be handled in a 1 hour optical retailer.


Your passport can be used as a piece of identification in Canada.  That along with the fact that Canadian Passports are one of the most valuable passports in the world, they offer visa-free access to 185 countries, they are a prime target to identity thieves.


All manufacturers of batteries have recommendations to not leave them in places with high temperatures.  Exposing a battery to the high heat in a car on a hot summer day could reduce its capacity or even cause it to leak or rupture.  If a leak or rupture occurs then we can all imagine what the battery acid would do to the interior of your car.  

Spray Cans

Hair spray, spray paint, deodorant or even air freshener in an aerosol can are ticking time bombs if exposed to high heat for any duration.  

Look at this video on how a spray can ended up through a car window. 

Spray can in window


Most of us do not go anywhere without our phones, so leaving it in our car is most likely by forgetting it.  But think of what a tempting target seeing it or other electronics like a laptop or tablet offers to a thief.

Now take into account the damage that heat could do to it and you are left with an expensive bill to replace what is stolen or damaged.


Wine is a trendy and chic thing right now.  If you have to pick up some for the evening or holiday do not leave it in your car too long.  The heat can cause the liquid to expand and then leak around or push out the cork.  Imagine the mess and smell you would have to deal with.  

That clean up bill would easily cost you more than the bottle of wine that just got destroyed.


It should not have to be even mentioned, but do not leave your kids in the car.  The many things that could happen are all horrible.  

Take a look at the news lately where kids have been abducted, died due to heat and even accidentally released the parking brake and caused an accident where the kids died.


Unless you have never been on Facebook, you may not see the number of people that leave their dogs in a hot car only to have the dogs die due to the heat.

Many areas have made it illegal to do so and also made it legal to break windows to save the suffering dogs.

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