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Top 10 Apps For An Emergency

March 11, 2019Posted at 8:00 pm in

best-emergency-app Your house is one of your most valuable assets you have and besides having a home insurance and life insurance, if an emergency happens, your phone will become your biggest asset and resource.

Some apps can help you and your family in case of a disaster or an emergency. It can help you get assistance or valuable information. Here are our top 10 apps for an emergency.

10 Best Emergency Apps

1. Zello

A free app for both Android and IOS.  This app turns your phone into a digital walkie-talkie.  This was extremely helpful during Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma in the USA and became one of the most downloaded apps as it allows communication to a preset group of people when phone lines are jammed or down.  You program the list of people you would like to contact and if they have the app installed then you will be able to reach them if you have either a Wifi or Phone signal.

2. Life360

The app lets people know about the location of their loved ones. The tracking function of the app helps the users to alert the family and friends if something is wrong so that they can also become alert.

3. Google Translate

This is a free app, which helps the users to input the text or scan the road to get direction signs. The scanning is done by the camera and then the app translates the words, which help the users to find directions.  Especially helpful when you are traveling and the main language is different than yours.

4. Visual 911+

Visual 911+ will email your general GPS coordinates, so when you are in urgent need of help, your lifelines know your general location & look for the visual coming from your screen.  Visual 911+ is available for free for both Android and IOS.

5. GasBuddy

If you have to evacuate, running out of gas is not an option.  GasBuddy has a feature that tracks which gas stations still have power and fuel in the case of a natural disaster.

6. ICE Standard

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency.  This app allows you to enter your insurance, medical and other important information so that any emergency responders can provide the best care to those that are injured.

7. Disaster Alert

Disaster Alert sends notifications to you about active disasters to your phone as the event is happening.  Getting immediate updates can provide valuable time to react.

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8. Offline Survival Manual

This app helps the people to get rid of the pains occurred from stings, bites, and other such problems. The app also advises people about keeping themselves safe from such things. The app is available only for Android users.

9. Earthquake

Earthquake scans reports of geological events and sends alerts to your phone.  While if you are in an event the alert will not be helpful, but if you live near an ocean the few minutes it provides you can help you prepare for a tidal wave or tsunami.

10. Red Panic Button

This app allows you to pre-set an emergency message that can be sent via email, SMS or even post on social media with the press of one icon.  The information will also include your current location at the time of activation.

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