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Best Ways to Protect your Phone from Hackers

Top Tips to Shield Your Phone from Cyber Intruders


We are often wondering how we can better protect our home from theft and how home insurance can help us, but smartphones are here and, people now need to be aware that they are a target to being hacked.

Having your phone hacked could cause personal information to be compromised and this information could be used, for example, in identity theft.

Protect Your Phone From Hackers

Follow these basic tips and you can reduce this risk.

Basic Phone Security

  • Never leave your phone unattended – simply put, keep your phone with you.
  • Change the default password – if you keep the same password on your phone as when you bought it, you are making it way to easy to be hacked.
  • Beware of Bluetooth – ensure that you only connect to trusted Bluetooth networks or devices.  If you are not connected or planning to, disable your Bluetooth.
  • Secure your PIN and Financial Info – use a trusted and well-reviewed app to store your PIN or credit card information, or better, do not put this information on your phone.
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9 Tips to help protect your phone from Hackers

  1. Public WIFI – public wifi or unsecured wifi networks are havens for hackers.  If you have a home wifi setup then make sure that it is secured.  If you have to connect to public or unsecured wifi then look at using VPN (Virtual Private Network) software on your phone.
  2. Purge History, Cache and, Cookies – your phone keeps data from your browsing, calls, and transactions in order to make future tasks easier.   Regularly purge these so that if your phone is hacked that your historical data cannot be accessed.
  3. Update Phone – the operating system of your phones and all the apps are regularly updated to add features and security.  Ensure that you do not ignore these updates when asked to run them
  4. Ignore Spam – if you get emails or texts from an unknown source, ignore it.  Hackers use email and texts as a way of delivering a back door onto your phone so that they can access it at a later date.
  5. Use Official Apps – if you have to install an app, ensure that it is an official app.  Hackers can modify apps to gain access, so only download apps from official channels or from the Apple Store or App Store as they do constant checks on all apps in their library.
  6. Backup – you can do regular backups of your phone.  This will ensure that you do not lose any data in a hack.
  7. Biometrics – most phones come with biometric scanners to unlock your phone with either a fingerprint or a facial scan.  These systems are much harder to hack and can add a level of security above just installing security apps.
  8. Antivirus – ensure that your phone has an antivirus system installed.
  9. Security App – there are apps available that assist in the security of your phone.  These apps come with different features so look at the options for what you are looking for and only download a reputable choice.

As you can see there are many options to protect your phone from hackers.  We hope this will help you in the future.

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