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Landlords Responsibilities To Tenants

January 25, 2019Posted at 11:10 pm in

Landlord ResponsibilitiesWhen you rent your property you have a responsibility to your tenants.  The relationship between a landlord and tenant is a symbiotic one.  The tenant’s responsibility is to pay rent and to not abuse or destroy the rental unit.  The landlord’s responsibilities to tenants are more in-depth and broad.

In British Columbia, there is an Act called the Residencial Tenancy Act.  In this Act, it is outlined that a landlord must make sure that the property is suitable for occupation.  This includes both physical and non-physical equipment or situations.

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities a landlord need to maintain in order to keep good relation with their tenants.

The Unit

The Residencial Tenancy Act states that rental property meet all provincial laws with regards to health, safety and housing standards.  Landlords are also generally responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of:

Electrical systems
Built-In Light Fixtures
Walls, Floors, and Ceilings
Smoke Detectors
Elevators (if the unit has one)
Fire Escapes
Yard Maintenance
Included Appliances
Pest Issues (insect or rodent)
Anything included in the tenancy agreement

** If the tenant brings to the attention an item that needs to be repaired, the landlord should investigate the issue ASAP.

The Environment

It is the landlord’s responsibility to provide an environment that complies to the Residencial Tenancy Act. 

Keeping a clean environment

You must make sure that every surrounding near you are kept clean and tidy. A clean place is more desirable to prospective tenants, this will help you in choosing the best out of all your applicants.  This will also make them happy and would appreciate what you are doing for them as well.

A dirty environment can bring issues like rodents and mold, which can be difficult and expensive to eliminate. Have a maintenance schedule that includes cleaning will help with this issue.

You will sometimes remain busy with your work and may not be able to focus on the work of daily cleaning activity. If you are not being able to do this on your own then the best way is to hire a person who is expert in this.

Keeping a safe environment

Tenants expect to feel safe at home, even if it is a rental property.  It is up to you as the landlord to provide this.  These simple tips will contribute to a safe environment:

All doors should have functioning locks
Noone other than the tenant should have a key to their unit
When a tenant moves out, change the locks
No unsupervised repairmen should be allowed in any unit
Keep outdoor areas well lit
Properly screen all tenants
Have a monitored security system

Keeping a quiet environment

Everyone wants to live a peaceful situation but if neighbors’ around you create excessive noise,  Have a strict quiet hours policy for your tenants and include it in your tenancy agreement.


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