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Simple Ways To Prevent House Fires

Prevent House Fires with These Easy Tips!


House fires can occur due to many reasons like a short circuit, faulty electric appliance, using stoves carelessly, and many others.  Taking measures to prevent house fires is something that all homeowners should do.  Here are some of the measures you can take to prevent house fires.

Prevent House Fire

Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms shall be installed outside each bedroom or sleeping area in the house so that if there is any smoke, the alarm will ring and warn the residents of the danger. The smoke alarms should be checked regularly and if any faulty one is found, it shall be repaired or replaced.

Heating sources

Having your furnace, baseboard heaters, or however you heat your home inspected annually is recommended.  The space heaters should be inspected after every use as well as being kept at least 3 feet away from any furniture or combustible material.

Stove and Oven

Many fires start in the kitchen. Make sure that your stove is not near any combustible items like curtains, towels, and cookbooks.  Some houses have a cupboard over top of the stove, do not store cooking oils or aerosol cans above the stove.


Dryers come in two versions, gas and electric.  If your dryer is a gas model, then it should be inspected annually to find whether the equipment is working perfectly. The dryer lint trap should be cleaned thoroughly after every use. Due to the location of many dryers and that many people fold their clothes on the top of it, check around your dryer regularly to make sure nothing has dropped behind or beside it.

Electric Cords

Most appliances run off of electricity and will have cords that will go to wall sockets.  If these cords become split or cracked then become a fire risk.  Replace the appliance or have the cord replaced.

Storing combustible item

There are many things like cream, sprays, cleaners, and cosmetics, which are combustible and catch fire easily so they should be kept away from the heating source. This can include sunlight, especially during the summer.  Store these items in a cool place away from any possible source of heat.


There are times where we use candles.  Whether it be for a power outage or a nice romantic evening, candles should never be left unattended.  Candles should be kept away from combustible items like blankets, curtains, carpets matchsticks, etc. It is better to keep candles in a candleholder in order to prevent any fire accident.


If you are one of the few that still have a wood burning fireplace, make sure that you have a metal screen in front of it to block any possible sparks from escaping.   The fire in the fireplace and the ashes should not be left unattended.  After the ashes are cooled down, they should be disposed to a safe place.

Fire extinguisher

Stock key areas of your home with fire extinguishers. At the very least, keep one in the kitchen and others near high-risk areas like a fireplace. Regularly review the instructions and make sure all members of the home know how to properly use the extinguisher.


Have your chimneys inspected annually and swept if needed.  This will reduce the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.


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