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Preventing Accidents at Home

PRevent accidents at homeWe all want to think that our home is the safest place, but it is so surprising to know that most deaths and accidents happen in home unintentionally. According to the report revealed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention more than twelve thousand children from infants to 19 years died every year due to accidents in the home. Take the matter seriously and take preventive measures are essential for preventing accidents at home.

Clean the Spills

Sometimes we ignore little spills found over the ground. It may be of any type such as liquid, grease, etc. Your ignorance can make anyone slip over it which causes serious injury and can also result in death due to injury. That’s why it is important to clean spills immediately when traced.

Grab Bars

The bathroom, toilet, and washing areas are the places more prone to accidents because the floor remains wet due to excessive use of water, soap, and detergents. It is better to install grab bars in such areas so that you can grab them immediately to prevent yourself from slip over.

Place Electronics at Right Place

Do not put electronic items near water. Generally, homemakers put such gadgets near water and that enhances the chances of falling them in water and can make an electrical current to flow over the floor and kitchen slips.

Poison Detectors

You may not check your gas connections on a regular basis which invites sudden accidents. Even a small gas leak can cause big destruction or can put your entire home at the fire. It is suggested to install gas leakage detectors or carbon monoxide detectors at your home to prevent such accidents that put the life of your loved ones on risk.

Smoke Detectors

Sometimes fire burns due to other reasons such as shortening of electrical wires, damaged switches, and lighted cigarettes. To escape such events, you should install smoke detectors on all the floors of your house. An alarm is raised to make you alert on detection of any smoke so that you can do the needful to prevent the odd incident from happening.

Railings and Rug Pads

Incidents happened where kids fall from balconies, windows, and open spaces like a terrace. To ensure the safety of your kids along with adults you should install railings and rug pads in balconies, windows, and open places of your premises.

Support the Heavy Furniture

The accident happens in earthquakes, or while kids climb over furniture such as sofas and tables. Injuries can be serious if a heavy object falls on them. To escape such accidents, you should attach heavy furniture tightly to the walls so that they cannot fall easily.

Now it is clear that numerous things cause serious accidents and can even lead to death in your home. Hence it is essential to take all preventive measures on time to escape any disaster.



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