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Stay Afloat with Knowledge – Flood Risk Management in the Lower Mainland BC

Stay informed and empowered: Flood Risk Management in the Lower Mainland, BC

Floods – a word that often conjures images of destruction and despair. In the picturesque region of the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, this natural calamity threatens not just its pristine beauty but also the lives and livelihoods of those who call it home. The threat from the swelling Fraser River and encroaching coastal waters is an omnipresent challenge. This blog post serves as a beacon of information, illuminating the path to understanding, preparing for, and managing flood risks by introducing a practical resource – The flood information portal by FloodWise.

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Understanding Flood Hazards and Risks

The Lower Mainland is no stranger to the wrath of nature, with its history punctuated by both riverine and coastal floods. But what makes this region particularly vulnerable?
  • Fraser River Floods: Spring thaws and heavy rainfall cause the Fraser River to overflow its banks, impacting river-adjacent communities.
  • Coastal Floods: Storm surges and rising sea levels pose a threat to coastal areas, with the potential for widespread damage.
The geography of the Lower Mainland, with its varied landscapes from sea level to mountain peaks, dictates the flood risks specific to each locality. Recognizing and understanding these nuances is foundational to effective flood risk management.

Accessing Essential Information

The flood information portal serves as a critical tool for accessing:
  • Flood Maps Navigate interactive maps showing flood-prone areas, versatile enough for both general overviews and zoomed-in local details.
  • Historical Data: Understanding the past to prepare for the future – historical flood events reveal patterns and guide current readiness measures.
For infrastructure managers, this data is vital in guiding strategic decision-making processes and prioritizing investments in flood mitigation.

Preparedness and Response

“Knowledge is power,” they say, and this adage holds especially true when facing natural disasters. The flood information portal is a repository for:
  • Emergency Preparedness GuidesStep-by-step instructions on how to secure your family and property in the event of a flood.
  • Evacuation Procedures: Strategically planned routes and safety measures to ensure a quick and safe exit when seconds count.
The goal is clear – enabling the community to respond swiftly and efficiently to minimize the toll of these devastating events.

Ongoing Flood Risk so Management Measures

The fight against floods doesn’t stop at preparation; it extends to ongoing efforts in risk management such as:
  • Infrastructure Projects: Investment in the construction and maintenance of dykes, pump stations, and other flood protection structures safeguards our communities.


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