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The flood risk and preparedness – Municipal Flood Risk Check-Up

Assessing Flood Risk and Readiness: A Comprehensive Review of Municipal Flood Preparedness


As climate change continues to affect our planet, extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall, river, and coastal flooding are becoming increasingly common. These events can have devastating consequences for communities, with billions of dollars in damages and countless lives lost each year. Canadian municipalities are particularly vulnerable to flood risks, and it is essential that they take proactive steps to reduce their exposure.

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One powerful tool that municipalities can use to assess their flood risk and preparedness is the Municipal Flood Risk Check-Up. Developed by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, this self-assessment questionnaire helps municipalities navigate the complex landscape of flood risk management and identify areas for improvement.

IntactCentre Home flood pretection infographic
IntactCentre Home flood pretection infographic. Source: https://www.intactcentreclimateadaptation.ca/climate-ready-infographics/

But what are some of the most compelling reasons for municipalities to complete the check-up? Here are just a few:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of flood exposure: Even if flood mapping is not available, the check-up can help municipalities understand the potential risks they face and take steps to mitigate them.
  2. Learn from Canadian guidance and standards: The check-up draws on the latest best practices and resources from across Canada, helping municipalities benchmark their flood preparedness against their peers.
  3. Document progress over time: By completing the check-up regularly, municipalities can track their progress and identify areas where they have made significant improvements in their flood risk management.
  4. Access a library of key resources: The check-up includes a wealth of resources on flood risk and preparedness, making it an excellent starting point for municipalities looking to enhance their knowledge and expertise in this area.
  5. Demonstrate preparedness to interested parties: By completing the check-up, municipalities can show their constituents, insurers, and other interested parties that they are taking proactive steps to manage flood risk.
  6. Prioritize actions for different flood types and scales: The check-up helps municipalities identify the most pressing flood risks they face and prioritize actions accordingly, from localized protection of individual homes to the management of flooding processes at the watershed scale.
  7. Inform future investment planning and funding applications: By identifying areas of weakness in their flood risk management, municipalities can make more informed decisions about where to invest resources and seek funding.
  8. Anticipate questions from municipal insurers: Completing the check-up can help municipalities prepare for conversations with insurers and other stakeholders about their flood risk and preparedness.
  9. Contribute to Canada’s National Adaptation Strategy: By taking steps to reduce their flood risk, municipalities can help Canada meet its national objectives for climate adaptation.
  10. Support municipal staff and service delivery: By providing a comprehensive framework for flood risk management, the check-up can help municipalities deliver more effective services to their constituents and protect public safety.

Overall, the Municipal Flood Risk Check-Up is a powerful tool for Canadian municipalities looking to take proactive steps to manage flood risk. By completing the questionnaire regularly and using it to guide their flood risk management efforts, municipalities can help protect their communities from the devastating impacts of flooding and build a more resilient future for all Canadians.

Read More: Municipal Flood Risk Check-Up – Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation


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