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Things You Should Keep Inside Your Glove Box

February 19, 2019Posted at 5:09 pm in

Things You Should Keep Inside Your Glove BoxA car is like another home or office for most of the people. A glove box is something inside your car which some people utilize efficiently, but some do not know the things you should keep inside your glove box. You should carefully organize your glove box as it can help you in case of an emergency such as accidents, repairs and fulfill lots of other purposes. Here are the items you should keep inside your glove box.

Medical Information: If you are going through some specific medication or suffering from a particular disease like asthma or anything else, keep records of your medical condition in your glove box. It can help others to deal with you more relevantly in case of an emergency. Or a doctor can provide better medical help after getting your medical history.

Contact Numbers: You should write all emergency contact numbers of your family members and known persons and keep inside the glove box. Though we all carry mobile phones with us what if its battery goes down or it gets wet, damage or loss, hence it is essential to keep all the emergency contact numbers in your car so that you or anyone else can use them in case of an emergency.

Pen and Paper: in the digital world, no one likes to use pen and paper, but it helps in case of emergency. If you carry a pen and paper with you can make a note or can write down the contact number of your loved one in an emergency. It also helps to note down something immediately which may be a little difficult while writing and saving on your mobile or tablet.

Insurance Proof’s: Almost in every state and country carrying insurance proofs and registration number is essential while driving. Some people prefer to keep such records inside their wallet due to fear of stealing the car. Where ever you put these proofs doesn’t matter but keeping them with you is mandatory.

Owner’s Manual: It helps you lot if your car stops somewhere on the highway or desolate location. It can guide you how to turn off or on something in your car. If you are a new driver, it helps you a lot to understand the basic functioning of several systems such as radio, switching on or off hot or cold air, front and rear lights, indicators, etc.

Flash Light: In case of a sudden emergency a flashlight can save you and your companion’s life. Always keep a pair of fresh batteries with it and keep them check on regular intervals to make sure it works properly when required.

Snacks: You should always carry some snacks inside your glove box. It may help to save your life if you have an unexpected blizzard. Keep snack which is not affected by the extremes temperature inside your car

I hope you have understood the importance of the glove box and keep it up to date to tackle any situation.





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