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What Gas To Use

Choosing the Right Fuel: A Guide to Gas Selection


Many gas stations provide three grades of gasoline such as regular, mid-regular and premium. Most the customers do not know what gas to use in their car. How the difference between these gases helps your vehicle to run smoothly and efficiently. For this, your manufacturers have provided the manual in which they give the information about the fuel tank and in some vehicle, on the top of the fuel tank, it was mentioned on it.

Different gas has different qualities for a variety of car which makes your engine work smoothly and makes your driving enjoyable on the road.

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Know about your cars requirement

If in your car manual it was mentioned to use 87 octane gasoline then you are lucky because of which you can save money by buying cheap gasoline. Using premium and mid-grade gasoline does not have much benefit for your car. The level of octane is 91 then your car would prefer premium gasoline.

Manufactures design their vehicle with a specific type of fuel and octane level. If the car is mentioned with premium fuel required it means your vehicle will run smoothly with high-grade fuel.

If in your vehicle it is mentioned premium fuel recommended it means you are able to use any type of fuel it can be regular or mid-regular. But your car will perform better in premium fuel.

In some cars they prefer to have Diesel which you can check inside the lid of your fuel tank there it was a message written on it is “Diesel Fuel Only” or “Unleaded Gasoline Only”. This will help you in understanding the nature of your car.

Difference between Diesel and Gasoline

Diesel and gas have the same similar engines as both use the combustion for producing mechanical energy from the conversation of chemical energy in fuel which makes the car piston move up and down. The piston is connected with the crankshaft which converts the motion of the piston into rotational motion and helps to move the wheels of your car.

Both change the chemical energy into mechanical energy through combustion but both have a different process of changing combustion. It is important for your car because a car with a diesel engine has a simple and efficient mechanism than gasoline. Diesel power car has more fuel economy and carries more energy than gasoline. But the diesel engine produces noise and air pollution other than the gasoline engine.

Premium Gas Worth

When your car prefers gas engine you have three choices regular, plus and premium.  The difference between these three gases depends on the octane level present in your car engine. The gas having low octane level (87) is cheap on the other hand plus (90) and premium (91+) octane level is high and is more expensive than regular one. Fuel with a high octane level is less combustible than the low octane level gas. The high-performance engine creates more cylinder pressure than the low-performance engine. The combustibility is high in low octane level and it is effective.


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