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Tips to help you prepare before a wildfire

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Wildfire Preparedness Guide: Safeguarding Your Home and Loved Ones

Canada faces recurring devastating wildfire seasons annually, causing havoc to properties and communities nationwide. Fortunately, homeowners can proactively safeguard against or prevent wildfire damage. This article offers expert advice on preparing in advance to ensure your safety, that of your loved ones, and the protection of your property.

Wildfire Wisdom: Preventing Loss and Damage

Preparedness well ahead of a wildfire is crucial, and there’s much you can do when a fire is imminent.

Here are steps to take when your area is under threat of wildfire:

– Stay informed about the wildfire’s progress via local fire agencies.
– Be aware of road closures.
– Verify the contents of your emergency kit and secure a 72-hour supply of food and water.
– Load your vehicle with essentials, valuables, and important documents. Position your vehicle facing outward in the driveway with closed windows and a full tank of fuel.
– Keep cash handy in case of payment disruptions.
– Shut off propane and natural gas lines if present. Relocate propane barbecues away from structures.
– Clear combustible items from around your home and remove debris to safe distances.
– Seal windows and doors as smoke approaches. Use lighting to enhance visibility.
– Arrange transportation in advance if you lack a vehicle.

During a Wildfire: Real-Time Guidance

When on alert for evacuation:

– Place a ladder in front of your home for firefighter access.
– Prepare your family and pets to leave swiftly if required.
– Disable non-essential utilities and seal open spaces to prevent smoke ingress.
– Stay informed about evacuation routes and have offline maps ready in case of communication disruptions.
– Inform an emergency contact of your evacuation plans.

Upon evacuation order for wildfire:

– Leave promptly following official directions.
– Maintain composure in heavy traffic.
– Follow safety instructions relayed by authorities.

After the fire

Recovering from property loss or damage is challenging, and returning post-evacuation can be overwhelming.

Stay composed awaiting re-entry approval:

– Keep a safe distance from downed power lines.
– Minimize phone usage to free up emergency lines.
– Seek medical aid for injuries, especially smoke inhalation.
– Verify home safety with local authorities before re-entering.

Preparing as Canadians

Preparation is pivotal in wildfire mitigation. Implement these strategies to minimize risks and prioritize safety for your family and property. Stay vigilant and ready. Here you can find the last wildfire status in BC.

Most home insurance policies (as well as auto, condo, tenant, farm, and commercial) cover damage caused by wildfire.

If you have questions about what types of fire damage are covered under your policy, please reach out to us.

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