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Trip Interruption Insurance

Trip Interruption InsuranceThere are times when life throws you a curve ball.  Sometimes these situations are easy and sometimes they come at the most inopportune times, like when you are on vacation.  This is when Trip Interruption Insurance shines.  With interruption insurance, you will not be out of pocket if you have to get home quickly due to an emergency.

What Does Trip Interruption Insurance Cover?

Trip interruption insurance covers the extra costs when need to return home earlier or later than planned and reimburses the non-refundable portions of unused, prepaid travel arrangements.

Trip Interruption Insurance reimburses expenses for a covered risk which are unforeseen, should your vacation be interrupted as a result of a:

  • Medical condition
  • Death
  • Travel advisory issued after your departure date
  • Job loss or relocation
  • Natural disaster
  • Legal obligations such as jury duty
  • Quarantine

It is important to note, that it will not cover occurrences that are known to you at the time that the insurance is purchased.  Thus, if you have a medical emergency due to a pre-known condition, your interruption insurance will not cover that.  Your insurance will also not cover having to leave your trip due to a work commitment, missing your flight or being detained by the local customs or law enforcement.

How Do I Purchase Trip Interruption Insurance?

You can purchase interruption insurance as a stand-alone policy or in conjunction with Trip Cancelation insurance.  Purchasing as a stand-alone policy you can cost as low as $20 for a single trip and can also be purchased as a multi-trip annual plan as well.


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