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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

January 10, 2019Posted at 10:58 pm in

Moving ChecklistWe all know that moving is an onerous task that can cause more stress than anyone needs.  We have come up with the Ultimate Moving Checklist to help eliminate some of that stress, nothing can remove it all.  Feel free to get a free Home Insurance quote for your new home so that you are protected from the day you move in.

Two Months Before You Move

  1. If you are going to hire a moving company, get estimates.  If the company just offers estimates over the phone, ask for them to do an in house estimate.  A good moving company will insist on an estimate this way so that they can provide an accurate quote.
  2. Take pictures of your belongings, if there is any damage in the move they will be very helpful in any claim.
  3. Come up with a budget for all of your moving expenses. This will help you figure out where to put your money and where it will have the best benefit to you.
  4. Plan a garage sale to get rid of items you do not want to move.   It’s a great way to make some money off of items you no longer need.
  5. Start collecting boxes, there are many places like grocery stores that will give them to you for free.  This is a smart way to help with the budget because new boxes can cost $5 a box for a medium size box.
  6. Get change of address cards.  Use the time before the move and you are relaxing at night to fill them out.
  7. Pack a little each day.  You would be surprised how much time packing can take and even 30 minutes each night will save the pressure of getting it all done in just a couple of days.

One Month Before You Move

  1. If you are in an apartment or townhouse complex, make arrangements for the elevator and for parking of the moving truck.  If you are moving at the end of the month you may have others doing the same and this can make things more difficult.
  2. Pick up anything at local businesses like dry cleaning or items in the shop for repairs
  3. Empty your safety deposit box if you have one.
  4. Arrange for a new bank.
  5. If you have school aged children, have their records transferred to the new school.
  6. Find a new Doctor, Dentist and other medical professionals.
  7. If you have pets, arrange for a new Veterinarian and have your pets records transferred.
  8. Mail out your change of address cards.  This way your bills will arrive at your new location for the next billing cycle.
  9. If it is a long distance that your moving and it will require an overnight stay, book your hotel so that you are not stuck.
  10. Return any rentals you may have.  These may be Video Games, Library Books, Movies and more.

Two Weeks Before You Move

  1. Return any items you borrowed from friends and family.  This can save you time or money if you have to ship something back.
  2. Arrange for a babysitter for the day of the move if you have little children.  We all know that they will get in the way on moving day.
  3. Speak to your Insurance Agent about transferring your insurance to your new home.
  4. Cancel your newspaper subscription if you are moving to a new town.
  5. Transfer any memberships to your new location. Examples are Gym Memberships and National Clubs like Boy Scouts.
  6. Ensure that you collect all of your moving trash so that it can go out with your final trash pick up day.

One Week Before You Move

  1. Drain your hoses to any appliances like washing machines and portable dishwashers.
  2. Empty oil and gas from tools like lawn mowers, chain saws, outside heaters and snow blowers.
  3. Check the weather for moving day.  No one wants to move in the snow or rain but it does happen and this will let you prepare for it.
  4. Pack a box or bag of essential items.  This can include water bottles, medicine, snacks, phone chargers and paper towels.
  5. Create a worst case scenario plan.  Hopefully this is something you will never need, but as the Boy Scouts say, Be Prepared.

The Day of the Move – Old Location

  1. Set your alarm, sleeping in on moving day can increase your stress level to new heights.
  2. Lay down cardboard or drop cloths to protect your floor and carpets.
  3. Clean out fridge and freezer of last minute items.
  4. Do a walk through of all the rooms including closets.
  5. Say goodbye to your neighbors.

The Day of the Move – New Location

A good idea is to give a tip to your movers.  Of course this is up to you.

Unpack the required items to get you through the first night.  Beds are a good place to start.

If your windows do not already have curtains or blinds, a sheet will give you some privacy for the short term.

Enjoy your sleep.



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