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Property For Children Away At School

Property For Children Away At SchoolOne of the biggest days for a family is to send a child off to school.


If your child is a college student, then he generally takes along clothing, stereo, DVD player, television, laptop, furniture, and other valuable items. A question we get asked quite a bit is “Does my insurance cover property for children away at school?”

Don’t worry! Many insurance policies will cover all personal property which is located away from the main residence. Coverage can include the following:

• Vandalism and Theft
• Accidental Damage
• Natural Disasters
• Flood and Fire
• Cracked Screen
• Liquid and Spills Submersion
• Power Surge by Lightning

Many types of property like high-value jewelry, collectibles, electronics, and other precious items may have different coverage limits. You must review these kinds of coverage limits with your agent in order to identify if additional coverage is mandatory.

The students, whether living in the school campus or not may be required to have their own tenant insurance, depending on the school or offsite residence.  It includes coverage for:

• Clothes
• Bicycles
• Books
• Laptops / Computers
• Tablets
• Photography Equipment
• iPhones & Other Mobile Phones

So parents, if your kid is enrolled at any universities or colleges, you should check what your home insurance covers. Also, check with where the child is going to be living and if they require a separate tenant insurance policy as part of the residence agreement.   This will protect the investment in your child’s “valuables” while they are away at school.

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