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5 Best Electric Cars In Canada

February 21, 2019Posted at 12:48 am in

Top Electric CarsThe era of the electric car is upon us.  Unlike the first electric cars that came out decades ago, like the EV1 from General Motors, the technology now exists to make them viable.  This invention has changed the taste of customers. Most the buyers have not interested in buying an electric car because of their range, but automakers have been increasing the range in their new electric cars with the performance and features.

Nowadays automakers have introduced many varieties of electric cars which customer are preferring which are convenience and functionality which find in a traditional car.

Here are the 5 best electric cars in Canada.

1. Tesla Model 3

It is the best electric car on sale. This car is stylish from outside and luxurious from inside its range is up to 310miles. Model 3 has all the creative safety and convenience features which also include the best autonomous driving aids and having future proofed technology for the customer. After buying this car you can also redesign it according to your needs and wants.

Model3 has not been exempt with quality related problems but through this, they have taught the automotive industry that how to build a fascinating product.

2. Chevrolet Bolt EV

It is the most affordable car for the road trip. Many consumers prefer an electric car which has low price and usable range. Nissan Leaf is the affordable car for consumers but after driving up to 80 miles it needed charging which make it inconvenient for them. Compared to Tesla which gives 300miles but because of the range, it becomes expensive for some customers.

So we bought Chevrolet Bolt EV for all the customers which the affordable range with 238 miles with the output of 200 horsepower and 266-pound-feet of torque. It has also added the spacious and comfortable cabin, with the 10.2 inches touch screen Dc fast charging system.

3. Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf is the most affordable, well rounded and available car in the nation. It offers a 150miles range with the 40kWh battery backup which included the 147-hp electric motor. It is the first affordable electric car in the 21st century.

Yet it has not qualified the long-range label but we have information that Nissan is going to launch a new model with new features.

4. Tesla Model S P100D

It fiercely quick car and you do not need to stop for gas in between your journey. If you want to choose the best one then it is the best option to pick up. When you are looking for a car having comfortable, emission-free and fast with top range is Tesla Model S. It is included with a 100kWh battery which boosts in just 2.5 seconds. It gives the impressive mileage of 315miles.

5. BMW i3

This model of BMW i3 has advanced features having carbon fiber plastic body with EPA rated 118MPG which gives the range of 114 miles and it’s the most energy efficient car having a smooth and luxury interior.

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